• Are you living the life you are meant to live?
• Are you living your own life or the life someone else thinks should be living?
• Are you living your life because you feel it’s what’s expected, or are you living a life that gives you meaning?
• Do you feel you have more to offer in life to yourselves and others?

4D Life Coaching uses a method known as Appreciative Enquiry which focuses on the positive aspect of a person’s life. As the name suggests, we focus on appreciating an individual’s strengths, positive characteristics and what gives them a buzz in life.

There are four stages in the coaching process


How well do you truly know yourself? In the discovery stage the aim is to find out who you truly are, your major strengths, the activities that give you the most pleasure, and how you relate to others. By the end of this stage you will have a much clearer idea of who you truly are and how this can be used to build meaningful hopes and dreams.


Do you have a dream? If you do how do you know it’s the right dream for you? In modern life we are bombarded with advertisers trying to sell you a dream, whether it’s ways to make more money, buy a new car, house or expensive holiday. But is that truly your dream, or a dream that others want you to live? Once you have discovered who you really are you can the tailor your dream to suit you, one that’s based on your attributes and works to your strengths.


Once you have discovered your unique characteristics and explored your dream it’s time to design the life that’s right for you. It’s during this stage that dreams start to become real.


Once you have designed the life you desire, it’s time to deliver your results. Even the simplest designs can have far reaching consequences to yourself and those around you.